Day 5: Old bones – today we shall rest

Forrest in the West of the island of Rügen, close to DreschvitzThe weather forecast was not good. Rains were expected, so we intended to relax, do nothing, rest. A few minutes later a few rays of sunshine peeped through the clouds, so we decided to explore our surroundings, field to glorious field. We were actually looking for a small secluded beach that is supposed to be not too far from our house…We found it, in a little village (5 houses) called Rugendorf, but then we saw this little forest at the opposite end, so opted to explore that instead. How breathtaking and quiet it was in there. We even managed to see a little deer, but unfortunately could not take good photos…Bambi ran away…

Sheep - West coast of RügenAs we exited the forest, we took another unconventional route (did you expect anything else?) and walked through a tiny hamlet (2 houses), behind the forest, alongside a huge field, and found these woolly babies. If sheep do not like what they see, they will turn their backs on you. That´s what happened as we got closer. Maybe saying “Hello sheepy, smile sheepy, say cheese sheepy, feta cheese” did not help…

House - West coast of the island of RügenAfter walking for another 20 minutes, we finally went to the beach. Here is another example of the beautiful thatched roof houses one finds on the island. This one is so close to the water, it probably has its own paddles or oars attached to it!

Dussvitz - West coast of the island of RügenThe little ‘beach’ with a boat dock. Muddy, squelchy, wet and brrrrrr…yet still a lovely sight…

Like a bird on a wire - starlings, island of Rügen

…and to prove that there are other birds on the island, not only cranes. We were on the way back home from Tankow, on the island of Ummanz, where instead of seeing cranes, all we saw was a very lonesome fox, and these three. Like a bird on the wire…tra-la-laa… Before we went to Tankow, we also managed to visit a farmers market in Rambin. So much for our day of rest….:-)


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