Day 6: …what old bones????

Pension Ingeborg in Sellin - Rügen            Houses in Sellin - Island of Rügen

Another day, another hiking tour! Uhm, yes, we ARE on holiday…hee…heee…We visited a sea-side resort called Sellin. This is one of three or four resorts situated on the supposedly best part of the island, for those seeking soft sandy beaches. Sellin has quite a lot of these splendid houses and villas, which are mostly hotels, or holiday homes/appartments…

Seebrücke in Sellin auf Rügen - Pier in SellinAfter admiring the lovely architecture, we visited this amazing pier, the longest on Rügen, which also houses a restuarant. Right at the end of the pier, there’s an underwater capsule where one can see the bottom of the sea. It does not go very deep though…

Seebrücke in Sellin auf Rügen - Pier in Sellin…side view of the pier again, showing how long it really is…

An der Seebrücke in Sellin auf Rügen - At the Pier in Sellin…the side of the pier, showing the many wicker basket beach chairs (Strandkörbe)…

View from the platform towards the main street in Sellin - Rügen…view from the platform towards the main street in Sellin. The villa up there is a hotel, with a lovely serene garden…and look at the sun worshipper in the foreground!

Blick von der Seebrücke in Sellin - Insel Rügen…another view from the pier, towards the Falkenberg at the tip, and the lush nature reserve. The next part of our walk…See too the seagulls enjoying the sunshine…

Seebrücke in Sellin - Insel Rügen…our walk on the beach, with the pier in the background…There again, stones, but also soft sand…

Am Strand in Sellin - Insel RügenBeach baby! If the bikini was in the bag, there might have been some dipping done…in the freezing water, with lots and lots of hungry jellyfish…Yeah, right! NEVER-EVER…

Wanderung von Sellin zum Schwarzen See - Blick vom Falkenberg - Rügen…on our way through the forest, going to “Schwarzer See” (Black lake)…view from Falkenberg onto the coast and beyond…

NSG Granitz Teilfläche "Schwarzer See" (15 m tiefer Kesselsee) - RügenSchwarzer See (Black lake). It’s a fifteen metre deep caldera lake. It was dark looking, only in part black, and quite peaceful. We paused over here, trying our best not to share an apple with a very greedy wasp!

Wald am Schwarzen See - Insel Rügen…the forest at Schwarzer See. This area is quite popular with hikers and cyclists. Busy!

Schmalspurbahn "Rasender Roland" - Insel RügenRasender Roland. (Rushing Roland). We saw this on our way back from Sellin. Roland is a historic steam train running between the towns of Putbus and Göhren. An amazing sight. For some of us this used to be ‘normal’ public transport back in the day…Showing our age now are we? Wink-wink.

Schmalspurbahn "Rasender Roland" - Insel RügenWatch out! Steaming Choo-choo coming!

Kraniche bei unserem Ferienhaus - Cranes on a field - island of RügenWhen we approached our holiday home, an amazing sight awaited us. Cranes everywhere, and nearly on our doorstep. You see, being in the middle of nowhere has its advantages!

Kraniche bei unserem Ferienhaus - Flying cranes - Island of RügenHere they were going to their resting place for the night, on Ummanz. A very noisy fly-over right over our heads…Wonderful!!!!

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