Day 9: Birth of this Blog

YES, we stayed home today! The only reason because it was raining! That non-stop ‘drip-drip-light-the-fire-and-be-cosy’ kind of rain…So we started this blog. It would be a long birth, with nearly twenty hours of labour…hee-heeee! But worth it, not so??? Come on, oh please…APPLAUSE!!  Here are some more lovely photos of where we lived…

Einfahrt zu unserem Ferienhaus auf Rügen: Mölln 2

Entrance to our holiday house…fields as far as the eye can see 😉 It was so funny because the navigator was also puzzled, and would only instruct us to ‘turn into the street’. No name, no number, nothing, just ‘the street’. When friends left our house to go home, their navi instructed them to ‘please find a digital road’ before it could calculate their route back. LOL!

Unser Ferienhaus auf Rügen - Mölln 2

Yes, we were the only TWO persons living there, with lots of chirping birds, a sneaky deer in the bushes, a lot of ‘not-allowed-to-kill-them’ hornets, a few ‘splat-you-are-dead’ mosquitoes, and two ‘run-or-we-bite’ spiders.

Kamin im Wohnzimmer unseres Ferienhauses auf Rügen - Mölln 2

The fireside. The very frustrating fireside! It was such a struggle to get those logs burning, even though the instructions were followed to a tee. When they did burn, it was really warm, cosy and …wink-wink…

Wohnzimmer und Treppe zum Obergeschoss unseres Ferienhauses auf Rügen - Mölln 2

The couch is big and quite comfortable. The TV could’ve been more modern though. Climbing those stairs after walking for more than six hours could be sometimes challenging, ow-ow, but the very hot shower is up there, so climb baby climb…

Küche unseres Ferienhauses auf Rügen - Mölln 2

The kitchen had everything, except a bread knife. Erhm, try cutting freshly baked bread (noooo, from the farmers market) with an ordinary knife…There was also no microwave. Excuse me! A necessity nowadays…ahem…Absolutely loved the egg cooker – perfectly boiled eggs!

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