Ding-a-ling in Doolin and stormy escapades on the Cliffs of Moher

Doolin is a lovely small sea-side village on the Atlantic Coast, which is surrounded by the Burren limestone landscape, and not far from the Cliffs of Moher. This little village is where we started our Ireland road trip, with blistering winds and heavy rains. Our charming B&B was practically next door to a well-known pub, which hosted traditional Irish musicians every night. Of course we spent our evenings there…wining-dining-singing! Let’s not mention dancing, because a certain somebody decided that the “let’s-twist-again” goes well with harp strings and bodhráns, so impressed with a very low get-down-boogie, and promptly landed on her bum. The wake-waka did not stop though. Okay, she was in a dark corner…maybe…

After a very hearty breakfast, full Irish of course, (refused to eat the beans for obvious reasons) we drove down to the harbour, where these photos were taken.

In the upper right corner is the Doonagore Castle, a private residence, on a hillside about a half hour’s walk to the Cliffs of Moher, and below is O’Brien’s Tower, situated directly on the Cliffs.

The incredible cliffs, as seen from all angles. They are only 203 metres high, and they look so peaceful over here, BUT…while we were there, it rained almost every ten minutes, then the sun shone and you had to take off one or two layers of clothing, then just as quick you had to put it back on, plus some more. At some areas gale force winds almost lifted us off the ground! If I was skinny, it would have been Adios, Goodbye, there goes Bonnie over the ocean…Oh, and the best was being pelted with flying stones. There is absolutely nowhere you can take cover either!

Amazing arches. Amazing too how these photos were taken! The adventurous dare-devil one with the camera was teetering on the edge, with a very nervous acrophobic digging in her heels and grasping his belt-straps! Phew!
Hag’s Head…the end part of the cliffs, which is a good 11km walk there and back…Many give up halfway, but nooooo, not us, even though we had to walk, crawl, crouch, and most times, fly, (weather conditions applied here) but we did it! Would’ve liked to have seen a hag though…

mohair1See!!!! This is how you look when you reach Hag’s Head! No wonder they call it that.

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