Loopity-loop at Loop Head

The weather forecast said little or no rain, yeah right! snigger-snigger, so we packed our nibbles and headed off to the Loop Head Peninsula. From Doolin it is about two to three Angels Travelling hours, because we took the Wild Atlantic Way, where we stopped at quite a few peaceful and beautiful spots along the way, did one or two loopity-loops, admired the scenery, dipped our toes in the icy cold water at the Spanish Point…uhm…no, not really…but almost…and last but not least, had a few conversations with the locals…uhm…sheep…The Spanish Point, by the way, does exist. Lots of ships from the Spanish Armada were shipwrecked at this area, many many years ago, and the survivors were later executed…

Apparently there are more sheep in Ireland than people. It must have been lambing season, because there were so many cute and curious little babies everywhere! These black-faced sort are the most common over here. You should see how high they climb up a mountain, or balance on a treacherous stone, and all that just for the juiciest piece of grass…and that’s all they do the whole day…chomp-chomp-chomp…

Loop Head is the most westerly point of Clare County, and if you have very good eyes, you might see America. Hee…heee! Eyes not so good are they?? Well, it is out there yonder. The cliffs are about two hundred metres high, with wonderful views at eye level, but someone wanted photos of the sea and ‘do-not-dare-go-near-the-edge’ coast below. Granted, the photos are all incredible, as you can see above, so having shaking nervous rattling knees was all worth it…Eeeeek!

The lighthouse is loved by tourists, and one can climb up to the balcony and admire the all-round view. It costs a few euros though. We opted to walk around, and even had a little picnic sitting on the soft grass and appreciating the shimmering ocean, and the fact that it was warm! It also did NOT rain, and it was not so windy. Perfect weather…considering…

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