Slieve League Cliffs and Paddy’s Yellow Submarine…

Another day, another adventure. We’re still based in Letterkenny, which is sort of central and perfectly situated for travelling to both the northern and southern parts of the whole Donegal county. We went south, as we wanted to see the “Grey Mountain” as it’s called, which is three times higher than the Cliffs of Moher. There we go again, mountain “goats” looking for something to climb 🐐 😛

On our way we stopped at the largest fishing port of the county and country, Killybegs. This natural deepwater harbour is very impressive, and the town is also known for its famous hand-made Donegal carpets (founded by a Scotsman), made out of pure wool, and which can be found in places like the Vatican and Buckingham Palace.

Driving along the beautiful coast near Largy, with nothing but green fields and sheep!


The Oceanview Guesthouse

This enchanting house nestled at the foot of a mountain and overlooking the ocean is actually a luxury bed and breakfast accomodation. No, we did not stay here…


We arrived at our destination, Teelin, a little too early for our boat tour, so we decided to climb up this steep hill, just for fun…Easy! with only a little bit of huffing and puffing 😉


There you go, the “Grey Mountain” better and famously known as the Slieve League Cliffs, seen from the “scary comfort” (no toilet) of a little boat. We were lucky that the water was calm enough, not much wind, and no rain at all. These cliffs are 609 metres high, and it was really fascinating to see them from the bottom up. So many formations, colours, caves and waterfalls, with a sheep or two literally dangling by their toes on the edges! The tour was about ninety minutes long, there and back, with lovely anecdotes, tit-bits and general information from our skipper, Paddy.

Now, getting off the boat can be a bit shaky for some, as you still have sea-legs. The best is to cling onto whatever railings you are able to reach, pray that the gap between boat and wall does not open wider, and hope that you can muster the few steep, narrow and slippery steps without falling into the water. Or you could faint and wait for Paddy to heave you out of his boat with his strong able hands 😀  This is Paddy, with his permission. He is standing in front of his yellow submarine. Yes, that is what he calls it. A super guide!

As if we did not have enough, we also wanted to see the cliffs from the top. No, we did not climb up all the way, instead we drove up to the main viewing area, and walked the rest of the way. Not as difficult at first, but the higher you go the stonier it becomes. The views are amazing from any point, so it is not necessary to walk all the way up…


IMG_6438_bearbeitet-1 Kopie

Oh dear, here is Super-Something, who thought it might be a good idea to learn how to fly from the edge of a cliff…


The weather changed so often while we were up there, quite normal for us by now. It looked like storm clouds, which then disappeared after five minutes. The photo on the right shows this amazing natural lake sitting on top of the cliffs. Nature is so wonderful!

The road going up or down the cliffs. Drive, walk, crawl, huff, puff…choose your pleasure. This pub and B&B on the right, found between Carrick and Teelin, is called the Rusty Mackerel. Hahaha, just wondering where this name originates from and why…

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