South Africa – here we come

Grey go-away-bird (Corythaixoides concolor), also known as grey lourie - Grauer Lärmvogel - Johannesburg, South Africa

As you might know or not know, one of us comes from South Africa and the other one has never ever had this wonderful country (some-one’s biased here heehee) on his bucket list of places to see before he’s too old to fly or something like that. He’s travelled to the end of other worlds (haka-haka and tango) but somehow the “dark continent” just did not tickle his fancy…until he met “the one” 🙀

It was January 2014, freshly engaged and just one day after welcoming in the new year, when we left the snow-capped hills and embarked on the long flight to Johannesburg. We arrived early in the morning after a ten hour non-stop flight and it was HOT. Welcome to sunny skies, smiling faces and happy families! Day one of our three week holiday.

Before anything else happens, like unpack…or breathe, for example, the future husband has to be introduced to everyone in the neighbourhood. This is normal. Then everyone sits down to eat, talk, eat, talk. This is normal too. Tired? Hahahaa! After what seemed like hours, (okay, so it was a few hours later) we walked around the gardens, admired all the flora, then stretched ourselves out next to the swimming pool. The grey-feathered chirpy little fellow in the photo above is called a Go-Away-Bird. It was quite comfortable sitting there and making lots of noise…Did it want us to “go away” already?? 😝  No way, because we had a full day planned for the next day…





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