Bathtub on a beach (Setubal – Troia)

It was time to leave our palace and head off south, and to new adventures. We had to drive back to Lisbon. Ooh-wee! It was peak hour and we still had to cross the Ponte de Abril bridge. We heard “stories” about the traffic but, believe it or not, it was green lights all the way. We sailed through to the other side of the Rio Tejo (Tagus river), throwing an air kiss or two towards the Cristo Rei statue and hoping that this would be the last high, long and scary metal thingy we would have to drive on. 😱

It was a warm and fabuloso morning as we reached the ferry port in Setubal. We chose this route to our next destination, Sines, because we wanted to hug the coast all the way down. From Setubal it’s a thirty minute ferry ride across the Sado Estuary to the Troia Peninsula, then another hour from there to Sines. Sounds quick, but then there’s so much to see on the way. Let’s just say that we arrived at our hotel late at night. Dark late. Oops!

We had to wait quite long for the ferry in Setubal, so used this time to explore a bit, and eat ice cream. Slurp! A pity that we did not go into Settable town, but we did see the little marina, the dock, and also strolled a bit on the promenade.

A lovely day for a ferry ride, no wind and no choppy waters, just blues and greens all around. Blue skies. Blue waters. Green ferry. Green face. Yes, one of us has a problem. 🤢. Whatever, we arrived safe and sound on the other side. No upchucking, and no dolphins. We hoped to see at least one! We did see a few cargo ships, and the view towards Setubal is also interesting.

Okay, so we were a bit “surprised” about the Troia Peninsula. At first there’s not much to see other than dunes and trees all along the road leading to the town itself. Troia is small but very popular as a holiday resort, with fantastic beaches and a lovely and informative wooden boardwalk. We picnicked on the marina then strolled along one of the beaches.

The bird can be explained, but how did a bathtub get washed on the beach?? 🤣 🧐 🤪

This route to Sines is amazing! We spent a lot of time on the coast. The road is almost on the edge of the ocean, with only sand dunes between you and your car. Where the road did not meet the ocean, we detoured until the sand came through the air filters lol! Yep, crazy couple. We stopped quite a lot along the way, climbed over the dunes, more like stumbled hee-hee, and took the time to wait for the sun to set. Then it got dark quickly! At least we arrived at the hotel in time for supper…

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