About us

Coo-weeee! Here we are! We started this blog to record and share all our travel adventures with friends and family near and far. There is much more to come! Now, now, as they say in South Africa. The wonderful photographs on this blog are all taken by the very talented Mister, and the texts are written by his other half…Teamwork! So dear friends and family, hope you enjoy everything you read here!! We are trying to keep updating, but geez, time…time…time   😁


5 thoughts on “About us

  1. Thank you:-) I truly enjoyed your Blog.:-) Hope to read soon more about you both:-) you are such a wonderful couple:-) Love Gina

  2. Hello Both of You Funny described people.
    Keep up the good work its all paid off in the end. Enjoy and keep us posted on your new development. Miss you stacks.

  3. Thank you for the lovely compliments ladies! We also appreciate your feedback and your interest in our blog. There will be more from us in the next few days, so keep looking!
    Loving Greetings
    Your Angels Travelling

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