Gratitude 2021

We would love to express our gratitude to all of you who have taken the time to read our blogs over the years. There are so many we still have to write, and we promise to do more in the coming year. We also greatly appreciate each and every view, comment and like. We would like to take this opportunity to show you some of the amazingness we have on our doorstep. Yes, all the photos below have been taken from our house, or from our walks around the block, or from the fields in front of our house. Yes! We live in a very beautiful area, and for this too we are grateful and blessed. Enjoy!

Let it snow!

Ice-ice baby

Blooming beautiful

Our Animals

Our Moon

Our morning Sun


Bursting with colour

Those flying thingies

Hiking on Mount Diablo

Mount Diablo is a mountain and state park found east of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a designated historical landmark of California, and is popular for hiking, cycling, camping, horse-riding or simply just sight-seeing. Quite interesting to know is that, because the mountain is situated between two earthquake faults, it grows a few millimetres every year!! Diablo also means “devil” in Spanish. Oh-oh!!

Wanderung auf den Mount Diablo                         Wanderung auf den Mount Diablo

A typical sandstone boulder found in an area called “Rock City”. Hmm…the imagination is running wild now. Is that a head nestling in grass, or a melting lump of Swiss Cheese  😉

Wanderung auf den Mount Diablo - Rückblick

Wanderung auf den Mount Diablo

A retrospective view of the distance achieved so far. Rolling hills as far as the eye can see!

DSCN2124_bearbeitet-1 Kopie

Sunny and pretty little California poppy wildflowers. It is against the law to pick or uproot them in the wild, and rightly so. They are also the official state flowers of California.

Pinienzapfen                         Wanderung auf den Mount Diablo - nahe beim Gipfel

Cones from the foothill pine which is typically found in the park. Nearing the summit (right)

Wanderung auf den Mount Diablo - am Gipfel       Wanderung auf den Mount Diablo

The top! Finally! The viewing range is quite vast, more than 200 kilometres on good days…

Wanderung auf den Mount DiabloOne last look at this wonderful landscape, then “splish-splash-got-to-dash” it’s off to the hotel for a well deserved dip in the shimmering, hopefully cool, swimming pool…