Day 15: Stones, Goats and Flying Men…

The weather forecast was not good today, and we were a little bit tired, but we nonetheless still decided to go on an itsy bitsy walking tour. We wanted to see the longest land bridge of the island, called Schaabe, with the town of Glowe on the one end, and Juliusruh on the other. The Schaabe is about twelve kilometres long, and only about one kilometre at it’s widest point, where we started our walk.

Schaabe, island of Rügen

On the one side of the Schaabe is this very wide beach with fine soft sand. Behind that are the dunes, which are stabilised and protected by the very resistant marram grass. Immediately behind that is the forest, cut through the middle of the whole length by a quite busy road.

Hiking at the Schaabe, island of Rügen

The forest is considerably dense and spreads right across to the other end of the land bridge. This path (above) is almost at the water’s edge. At this time of the year there are also a lot of mushrooms growing in the forest, which explained why so many people were walking around schlepping baskets and plastic packets. We thought that getting pricked by thorns, OUCH! would be better.  😄  Yes, we could not resist picking off big red and juicy, though a wee bit sour, berries from the thorny bushes. Oh, and we also discovered a few relics from the past. Oh alright, so it was only a rusted military water canister, but it was old-ish. No, we did not take it, but left it there. Hmmm…Why?  😉

Holiday complex/resort in Juliusruh, with the typical thatched roof houses

This is a holiday complex/resort in Juliusruh, with the typical thatched roof houses that are all over the island. This is what you encounter as soon as you exit the forest. Very peaceful, with only the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore.

The beach as seen from both ends. The left one is facing Glowe, somewhere down yonder, and the right one curving towards Juliusruh, far far away…This little boat was somewhere in the middle…

Skinny-dip - Nude at the Schaabe beach - Rügen

There were children playing, dogs barking, and one or two naked men dipping their titbits into the brrrrr water. Yep, part of this beach is also for nudists.

Schaabe beach - Rügen

Looking at this lovely picture, you’d never say that a storm was brewing, or that we nearly got lost, trying to find our car. Hey, the beach is very big! The heavens did open eventually, boom-splat-plop-plop, but we still went to visit the Karlsdorf farmers market (the tea-pot place in day 7). Here we bought lots of delicious stuff, yummy, for our loved ones and friends at home. Erhmmm, and for ourselves too…wink wink. Another ending to a lovely, but somewhat wet and soggy day. Hello fireplace!

Day 4: Hidden in Hiddensee

The weather forecast was mild, but with some showers. So we packed our brolleys, and off we went…uhm…sailed to the island of Hiddensee. The only way to get there is by boat, big or small, but boat…The phobic one was biting her nails, her knuckles, her everything else she could find…No turning back though, so we opted to take a water taxi, above, as this would take ONLY 15 minutes to cross over. Okay, so the phobic one was a little green by the time we docked at Kloster, but still breathing!!! Phew! That noisy thing pitched, heaved and yawed in and out of the waves…SEA-SAW!! The non-phobic one calls it ‘skimming’…Was that a grin on his face????

This lovely hotel called Hithim, built around 1907, is situated directly on the harbour.

What a lovely resting place, including a very big ashtray to the right. Puffing hikers??? Eh?? This is between Kloster and the next village called Grieben.

Horses grazing in the meadow, with the sea in the background…

It’s an island. Surrounded by lots and lots of water. It’s a lonely life, eh? So of course, a nice cool beer while enjoying the few sunrays of the day is also entertainment…heh-heh…

These typical thatched roof houses were in the village of Grieben. Hey, some-one is peeping over there!

Oh my word! A spy! We found this so funny…hidden in Hiddensee…LOL!

Birds. Lots and lots of birds. It was amazing to see how many there were, and chirpy too!

…this is the lighthouse at Dornbusch. We will be going closer, but first we have to explore the “Altbessin”…This is a peninsula formed by sediment and exists since around the year 1500. This is a protected nature reserve and national park. Here we were caught in the rain. There is nowhere to hide! It is flat and there are only bushes. Luckily for us we were near the very tip of the peninsula, and thankfully there was a little hut on stilts there. We were not the only ones seeking shelter! There must´ve been 10 of us squeezed into that small space…Fun. Fun. Fun.

We are at the “Altbessin”, with a view of Kloster in the background. “Altbessin” is roughly translated as Old Basin. There´s also a ´newer´ basin which is off-limits to the public, as this is a very sensitive breeding area for sea and migrant birds.

We once again opted for a ‘walk on the beach’ at Enddorn…No rain and lots of sunshine, which was very welcome as it was quite brrrrrr…In the background are ‘tepee’ twigs…Good for a big bonfire night…

…still at the Enddorn beach, with a fantastic ‘still life’ and soft waves…

The cliffs at the northern coast of Dornbusch…(we will be going up there too) The sand here seems softer, and the stones smaller, not as rocky as other coastlines we’ve visited.

Stones, glorious stones, in all shapes, sizes and colours. We noticed many people searching and digging all over, so asked why. Apparently, if you’re lucky, and if you’ve chosen the right spot, you can find some very interesting fossils and “Bernstein” (Amber), which is mostly used for jewellery. Obviously, we found nothing! Why? Because one is always holding a big camera, and the other one? Well, the other one has absolutely no idea…

Hiddensee is the only area where it is allowed to pick and eat the Sanddorn. To do so elsewhere on Rügen can be punished with a hefty fine. We did not pick or eat anything though. Remember our YECH of yesterday?? Yech!

A beautiful dragonfly! It posed patiently until all fifty photos were taken…Only joking, there were only two or three…fingers crossed…

Spindel Tree berries. This is VERY poisonous to humans. Do. Not. Touch. Shiver…

Our ascent along the northern coast of Dornbusch…pant…pant…pant…but the view is breathtaking…pant…pant…pant…(We walked from down the-e-e-re)

…on our…pant…pant…way to the top…calves are screaming, but there again…the view! .

View from the second highest mountain in Hiddensee called the Swantiberg…view from the second highest mountain in Hiddensee called the Swantiberg. One can see the “Altbessin” from here. It’s the jutting out part just beyond the row of trees, in the middle of the photo. Yes, we walked all the way from down there too..

Sheep on the island of Hiddensee…and to show that we were not alone…Sheep! Mää-ää-ääää…

See how high up we are! The phobic did NOT look down, and the non-phobic caused some-one to get multiple heart attacks by going so close to the edge…Boom. Baboom.

I believe I can fly…tra-la-laaaaa…It was VERY windy, and as you can see, he is getting ready for take-off! Tango Bravo 7-4-7 to Tower…

Finally! The lighthouse on the Bakenberg! More steps, more pants, more wind, but excillerating…On a clear day one can see Denmark from here! No kidding!

This is not bragging, but just look at this photo. The tip of the lighthouse seems to be opening up the cloudy sky…Great!

On the way down from the Bakenberg, we made a little pause over here to eat something. You can see the harbour of Kloster, and probably the whole island of Hiddensee. Munching nuts with a view like this was never so appetising!

…looking up towards the Dornbusch from the other end of Kloster…a lovely lonely tree, and a heart-shaped cloud over it…All together now. AAAHHHH!

Nosey horse on the island of HiddenseeSmile baby! Yes, we were tired too…but happy that we enjoyed another wonderful hiking trip. Now back to that jumping boat…