Business (!?!) fun in San Francisco

The nice thing, sometimes, is that on business trips, one may get an opportunity, sometimes, to explore the city, town or countryside of your visit. This, of course, depends on how long you are visiting, or if you even have time between work, seminars, networking, teas, coffees and other nibbling stuff, to even breathe. Well, the other half had a little time “after-all-the-business-was-done-and-dusted” to explore the sights and sounds of San Francisco, yay!  And the grass widow, boo-hoo, so wishes she could have been there too, but oh well, at least she can drool over all these wonderful photos!!

Aquarium am Pier 39 in San Francisco     DSCN1807_bearbeitet-1 Kopie

The famous Pier 39. On offer? Big whales and bigger ships (in the background, right).

DSCN1929_bearbeitet-1 Kopie    DSCN1930_bearbeitet-1 Kopie

OMW! This is a BIG cruise liner! Called the Grand Princess. Hmmm, see all those people lining up just to get in and get going to hula-hula Hawaii… Amazing!

San Francisco - Touristenshop bei Pier 39Hi there, *growl* please come into my shop and spend! A cute little faux bear, ooh scary, welcoming you at a tourist shop on Pier 39.   😉

Kolonie Kalifornischer Seelöwen am Pier 39, San Francisco       Kolonie Kalifornischer Seelöwen am Pier 39, San Francisco

Californian sea lions, en masse, basking in the warm sun. Oh what a life! They’re probably THE attraction on the pier. Loud, smelly and funny! They are also under protection, so please, no harassment. Some of these pier boards must be more desirable than the others, because they’re so over-crowded. Must be a man thing   😀

Kalifornischer Seelöwe (Zalophus californianus) am Pier 39, San Francisco  Junge Möwe, San Francisco


“Any good fish today?”…or probably…”Gerrrroff, this is my space!” See the beauty on the right? Not all seagulls are white and grey…interesting…

Spear Street, San Francisco                         San Francisco Jackson Street Ecke front Street, Cable Car

A building in Spear Street (left) and the famous cable car in Jackson Street (right).

San Francisco Financial District von Pier 14 aus gesehen  Auf dem Pier 14, San Francisco

The financial district, as seen from Pier 14 (left). Hmm…just wondering who the scrumptious looking person is standing on the pier. Great pose there, honey, wink wink.

San Francisco Cupid Span, Rincon Park   San Francisco, Oakland Bay Bridge, Yerba Buena Island

Another famous ‘talking point’ is this sculpture on the left called the Cupid’s Span, in a small park overlooking the San Francisco Bay, a bit of which you can see on the right. Although it was inspired by the reputation that San Francisco is the home port of Eros, one could also ‘interpret’ it as ship, or bridge maybe…Nah, prefer the love thing!!

San Francisco China Town     Columbus Cafe, Lombard Street Ecke Columbus Avenue, San Francisco

Now who has never heard of the oldest and famous Chinatown in North America? Birthplace of the westernised chop suey and dim sum, yumm-yumm? And then there’s a quaint little cafe on the corner of Lombard and Columbus streets for a sip of coffee or some other titbits.

Cablecar in San Francisco, Taylor Street Kreuzung San Francisco StreetAah, the famous cable cars! Featured in many films, showing stars running after them, hopping in, or dangling on the pole before jumping out, not even waiting for it to stop. An interesting fact is that the cable car is operated by two people, a conductor and a ‘gripman’, which on other cable cars would be called the driver. The gripman needs lots of muscle power and skill, as he has to manually grip the lever for the cables and also activate the brakes. Oh, and in the history of the San Francisco Cable Cars, there’s been only two ‘gripwomen’. Yay! Girl Power!

USS Pampanito am Pier 45 , San Francisco mit Blick auf Alcatraz Möwe auf der USS Pampanito

The USS Pampanito World War II submarine on Pier 45, which is now a museum. It was named after a fish, the pompano. One can see the famous or infamous Alcatraz in the background. Oh, and a cute little seagull posing on the deck.

DSCN1924_bearbeitet-1 KopieAnother World War II ship, the SS Jeremiah O’Brien, which survived Normandy and is, to this day, fully functional and a living museum.

Die Insel Alcatraz in der Bucht von San Francisco (500 m lang)Alcatraz! or the ‘Rock’. Part time ‘home’ of Al Capone and many other notorious and not so famous criminals. Where no-one could escape, but many tried, and some were apparently successful…well, up to this day they have not been found…apparently…

Golden Gate Bridge vom Marine Drive aus  Auf der Golden Gate Bridge

DSCN1961_bearbeitet-1 Kopie      Golden Gate Bridge (von Battery Spencer aus)

Golden Gate Bridge und San Francisco (von Battery Spencer aus)      DSCN1969_bearbeitet-1 Kopie

Golden Gate Bridge (von Battery Spencer aus)       DSCN1993_bearbeitet-1 Kopie

The Golden Gate Bridge, famous landmark and tourist attraction, since 1933…These photographs have been shot from different angles and viewpoints. Great pictures!!

Westmöwen / Western Gulls (Larus occidentalis)     Junger Braunpelikan / Juvenile Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis)

A pair of Western Gulls and a lonely Brown Pelican. Birds, birds, posing birds…    😉

Kirby Cove vom Aussichtspunkt Battery Spencer an der Golden Gate Bridge aus

Kirby Cove, a national recreation area at the Golden Gate. This spectacular shimmering vista is a wonderful and breathtaking end to an exciting visit to San Francisco.