Day 3: These boots are made for walking – tra-la-laaa

These boots are made for walking - moose ‘n bootsBelieve it or not, we were hungry for more adventure, so we decided on a ‘smaller’ hiking tour. This would be our second one, and should only take two hours and ten minutes to complete. We were excited to see what we would be discovering. The route would take us through the Zickerschen Berge (Zickerschen Mountains). Are you ready, boots???

These were the first signs of life we encountered on the Bakenberg. Baa and baa-baa were not impressed with us disturbing their breakfast…even though we had to climb about sixty six metres to get up to there…Yeah, sounds like nothing, but your calves tell a different story…

…panoramic view of the Mönchgut peninsula from the Bakenberg.

Are these trees not beautiful? Strong, powerful, yet majestical…

A tree is not a tree…this was the track we followed.

Caterpillar! Not many around, but enough to go Eeeeek! At least it will be a beautiful butterfly some day …

Shrieeeeeek!!! Shiver…shiver…shake…We had not seen so many anywhere else but here … they were simply everywhere!

…taken from the top of the cliff, overlooking the Hagensches Wiek (the name of the bay). This tree was pushed over and is virtually hanging on its ‘toenails’ or better, ‘rootnails’. No more reaching for the sky for this one…This is quite ‘normal’ in Rügen.

… even though there are quite a few landslides, the trees still seem to hang on for dear life … and even though there was not much sun this day, some outstanding photos could still be made …

… we went off the beaten track again, and discovered this part of the coast called “Nonnenloch” (Nun’s hole. Please don’t ask, and do NOT laugh) … here we took our much needed break, munching on the rocks …

… the sky trying to clear up, but we admired the various cloud formations …

WOW! Look at these clouds! Are they crowning or fanning the rocks in the foreground? Double Wow!

On our almost last leg of the route … we are walking towards the village of Gross Zicker …

This strategically placed restaurant is at the end of the mountain route. Here we had lovely blueberry pancakes, YUMMY…and tried our first ‘Sanddorn’ juice. Yech! We thought that mixing it with water would be better, but YECH! BLERRRRRR! YECH!

Your tiredness sitting in a wicker beach chair (Strandkorb). It is comfy, but it was too high to reach the normal restaurant table…Well, at least it is kitted out with a fold-out little table on the sides, where you can place your drinking glass etc.. There’s also a footstool, and it reclines almost to a ‘sleeping’ position … Zzzz

Is this not amazing? An evergreen tree in contrast to the creeper on the house, which is in various stages of its winter preparation. One of the many quaint and cute houses found in the village …

… the only way through the front door are between these trees … Open Sesame!

The oldest house in the village called the Pfarrwitwenhaus (Clergy Widow’s House). It was built in 1723 and now houses a museum and gallery. While we were taking photos, believe it or not, about 20-25 people came out the door! They were part of a tour group, but we could not imagine that something so small could hold so many people!

… this is a holiday house, with a delicious apple tree in the front … so inviting … crunch-munch-munch …

… okay, at the end of the village there was this BIG sign pointing to the ‘Hafen’ (Harbour). Oh goody, we thought, let´s go there. We expected ships, boats, fish, you know, harbour stuff. All there was, was a small little wooden ‘dock’, and one or three little boats. No fish, smoked or otherwise. What we did see was this fantastic view of the sky … Aaaahhh!

ps: it took us five hours to finish this one …;-)))


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